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Procedures Revision Breast Surgery

Revision Breast Surgery

Improve or change your previous breast surgery outcome to help you achieve your goals

Your Revision Breast Surgery Journey

  1. Consultation for Revision Breast Surgery in Columbia, SC

    You and Dr. Lefkowitz will sit together in a private consultation room and discuss your desired results and goals. He will thoroughly review your previous surgical history to help develop a customized treatment plan. He will carefully examine your breasts, taking special note of any previous implants, possible contracture or hardness, drooping, nipple position, skin quality, asymmetry, and volume. A robe will be provided to make your experience as comfortable and private as possible.

    Scheduling and financial options will be reviewed in detail to answer any questions you may have. We aim for all clients who are researching a Revision Breast Surgery in Columbia, SC to fully understand the procedure. Our Revision Breast Surgery clients visit us from Lexington, Chapin, Forest Acres, surrounding areas, and nearby states.

  2. Arrival for Surgery

    When you arrive, you (and a guest if preferred) will be shown to your pre-op room, which you will return to after surgery for your post-op care to maximize your comfort and privacy.

  3. During the Procedure

    Natural light in the operating suite provides a view of the sky as you enter and makes the space more welcoming while still providing the highest level of privacy.

    During the surgery, Dr. Lefkowitz will remove or replace breast implants, remove or work on the previous capsules, or correct issues following previous breast augmentation and/or lift surgery to refine and restore the area to its youthful appearance based on your preoperative goals and desires.

  4. Recovery

    Most clients experience only mild discomfort after a Revision Breast Surgery in Columbia, SC. Prescription medications will help ease the healing process.

    • Immediate Post Procedure

      You will be up walking, eating and drinking normally immediately after surgery. A support bra or wrap will be placed at the time of surgery.

    • 5 - 7 Days Post-Procedure

      Most patients allow 5-7 days for recovery and back to work/school (as long as no lifting involved). All sutures are dissolvable.

    • 3 - 6 Weeks Post-Procedure

      Gradual increase in exercise and strenuous activity with return to all activities without restriction at 6 weeks following surgery.

    • 3 Months Post Procedure

      Final aesthetic results are generally achieved

    • Continuing Care

      Dr. Lefkowitz believes continuing care is essential. He will advise you through all phases of the recovery process and general breast health issues, including self-examination and future mammographic needs.

This was my second augmentation with Dr. Lefkowitz! He is amazing! I had my first breast augmentation in May 2014 and went back for a revision to increase size. Dr. Lefkowitz’s bedside manner is unsurpassable and his work is AMAZING. I’ll never go anywhere else for any future cosmetic procedures. Highly recommend! closing quote icon

- Breast Revision Client

Breast Revision Start at $6,000

Complementary treatments may be indicated and desired to achieve the results you’re looking for, or choose additional services that enhance your experience.

Dr. Lefkowitz will thoroughly walk you through all of your options at your consultation. At that time you’ll receive your final quote based on your individual needs and desired results.

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